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Disarm by Karina Halle mobi ½ 268 pages Download ☆ insolpro ê [Download] ➸ Disarm ➽ Karina Halle – Insolpro.co.uk Karina Halle the New York Times bestselling author of Discretion lifts the veil off a privileged family dynasty to reveal a wealth of secrets and dangerous obsessions SeraphinThe increasingly cagey Seraphine whom their father considers a dispensable Dumont outlier But the Blaise watches her and the closer he gets the he sees Seraphine may have every right to be suspicious And she could be the next one in danger from his own familyAs blood runs hot and hearts give in Seraphine and Blaise have only each other But can their love survive the secrets they’re about to uncover? ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Unfortunately I didn't enjoy Disarm as much as I enjoyed Discretion the first book in this series and overall it was a pretty boring readWhile I read Discretion in two sittings it took me than two weeks to finish reading Disarm I really loved Seraphine and Blaise in book one and was so excited to finally read their story Since they've known each other for many years this novel was a mixture of flashbacks to their childhoodteenage years and scenes from present day The flashbacks were okay but overall very boring and made me kind of lose interest in Seraphine and Blaise Further the present day scenes weren't really any better Most of them really dragged on and I often found myself skimming passages of the novel The scenes that were supposed to be a little suspenseful and exciting felt pretty unrealistic over the top and it was uite easy to predict how those scenes would unfold However one of the reasons I kept reading this novel even though I wasn't really enjoying Disarm was that I was hoping I'd begin liking it a little after Seraphine and Blaise had gotten together Unfortunately that wasn't the case The way the two of them ultimately got together was pretty weird and uite disappointing view spoilerAlso when they finally admitted their feelings they ended up having sex in an abandoned apartment and that whole scene in my opinion was just very gross and they deserved better hide spoiler

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Karina Halle the New York Times bestselling author of Discretion lifts the veil off a privileged family dynasty to reveal a wealth of secrets and dangerous obsessions Seraphine Dumont seems to have it all she’s gorgeous brilliant and part of one of France’s most illustrious dynasties But underneath the facade Seraphine struggles to hold it all together Besides grieving her adoptive father’s suspi I'm still in love with gay Paris Karina Halle's got me hooked on these Dumonts From the suspense and intrigue to the romance and family I was beyond interested I think the taboo feel of what lay between Blaise and Seraphine was the biggest draw for this story It was sweet and forbidden and although they weren't blood related the idea of their coupledom would have its own share of problems It was what kept holding them back at least for her And every time they came close to having everything they wanted the 'bad' Dumonts stood in their way I couldn't get enough of the flashbacks to their youth and the many ways that their love was inevitable Can I just reiterate how much of a monster Gautier is? He doesn't deserve a bit of kindness and I want to know what screw is loose to make him the way he is Why does family mean nothing? Why does loyalty mean nothing? Why does nothing but money and power mean anything to him? I also want to know why the author took the path she did when it came to 'uncle Luddie' Why tarnish his good name? After everything he and his family had been through after his children now have to navigate life without him dealing with the pain of his sudden loss why sully him? Maybe this will all become clear in the next book Pascal is next and I have absolutely no clue how the author will redeem his character She did a little bit to finally humanize him in this book but I just can't picture him as a hero I'm looking forward to her forcing my change of heart

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Disarm by Karina HalCious and sudden death she also shares a tenuous role in the family business with Blaise her in name only cousin As tumultuous as their history is he may be the only member of the deceptive Dumont family she can trustSeraphine is a temptation Blaise can’t resist The torch he’s carried for years still burns It’s his secret a uiet obsession just out of reach Until his brother demands that he spy on The second Dumont bookOlivier already found his happily ever after and left for CaliforniaSeraphine is left all alone with her horrible uncle and her cousins She's trying her best to keep the family company running the way her dad would've wanted it but her uncle is uickly ruining everythingPlus she also thinks that her dad was murdered By her uncle or her cousin Pascal?And suddenly she's working together with her cousin Blaise to find out what happened and to survive whatever the bad guys have planned for them PS Seraphine was adopted when she was nine so Blaise is not a blood relative in case you were weirded out ☺WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH SERAPHINE BLAISE?WILL WE GET A HAPPY END?READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT☺═════════════════ Well I loved thisIt's a sweet and exciting love storyI already had to cry in the prologuePoor Seraphine was so happy to have been adopted by the Dumonts but now she's left all alone Only her cousin Blaise seems to be on her side Well when he's not driving her insane like he's been doing since they were teenagers She's not really sure she can trust him But they have to work together to stop Gautier from destroying the company and importantly from killing any people like maybe Seraphine?I really enjoyed reading it There were some weird moments like with how Blaise was celibate for years and years while he waited for Seraphine to fall in love with him? A bit ridiculousBut I really like this series and I can't wait to see how in the hell we will fall in love with Pascal in the next book ☺ Whoops S p o i l e r Now you already know that Pascal might not be the baddest guy here ☺DISARM was a really sweet exciting love adventure ♡ ♡