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download ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ¼ Charlotte Lamb Fuse his marriage proposal She knew she must marry him but she didn't have to love himShe couldn't foresee her change of heart or the despair of knowing he was indifferent to. I feel like such a horrible feminist for loving this book Hero has forced seduction hero slaps womanshakes headThe hero Laura is out on night with a social worker as a way to see what her love Dr Tom Nicol's life is like Well the social worker is cool towards her and makes no bones about the fact that she does not want her there So as the two are going about the social workers rounds a car full of drunken young men swerve in front of them Out pops our hero Randal who decides that he wants to swipe a kiss and a glove from our heroine Laura for some juvenile game the guys are playing Laura was appalled when the hero's lips touched her own but oddly aroused at the same time That kiss knocked Randall for one and he makes it his business to make Laura his With the help of the social worker Randall is able to track down Laura Laura happens to run into Randall while out walking one day Randall asks for a date and of course Laura turns him down Well this only makes Randall want her and it works to his advantage when he discovers that Laura's farther is his employee What's Laura farther has been stealing money from the company for some time I don't want to give anything else away because this book is very good book so please read it I give this book 45 stars You may not like this book if 1 very jealous heroes bother you 2 the hero slaps the heroine once

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Disturbing Stranger review Ç 103 ò [Download] ➵ Disturbing Stranger ➾ Charlotte Lamb – Insolpro.co.uk I've no real choice have I Laura askedAs long as she could remember Laura had loved Dr Tom Nicol a gentle self sacrificing man dedicated to serving the needyUnlike him in every way was Randal Mercier I've no real choice have I I've no real choice have I Laura askedAs long as she could remember Laura had loved Dr Tom Nicol a gentle self sacrificing man dedicated to serving the needyUnlike him in eve. Spoiler Alert This stranger certainly sets out to disturb from the word go He sees he grabs he kisses the rattled h who feels obliged to show some indignation especially as she enjoyed the kiss and slaps him back drawing blood But the undaunted H just grins back saying he likes it as she has marked him And I was hooked with this ‘were’ analogy Ah woooooo ;No but seriously for a vintage these two had serious chemistryand especially as the h was ‘in love’ with a pious goody good doctor Every time the H grabs n gropes her she grabs n gropes back Lovely harly heaven happy sighThe H sulks temporarily when told of her devotion for the om but then he shrugs n comes back full throttle aiming to get her body if not her heart And thanks to an embezzling father he gets to do the usual blackmail routine They get married and off to Venice it is for the honeymoon so all is well as well it can be Translated they can’t keep their hands off each other The H gets what he wants but yeah he soon realizes he wants so some sulking followsthe h meanwhile discovers what real passionate love is all about n she wants from the H too So in true harly tradition they want the same thing but are too blind to realise that they already have itAs it is a vintage n a CL to boot so a slap n a rape is de rigueur The rape was a bit weird if I may say so and it was rape no forced seduction poseur They have a good sex life but then things sour n they keep to their sides of bed One morning they wake at 4 am n the H just like that rapes her A 4 am rape for god’s sake Maybe she is not a morning personBut I really loved the chemistry between the two They have their cute moments And an H who falls real bad from the word go In fact he’s stumped she doesn’t feel the same The ending was aww so sweet n very satisfying

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Disturbing StrangerRy way was Randal Mercier wealthy powerful taking what he wanted And he wanted LauraHer father's embezzlement of funds from Randal's company made it impossible for Laura to re. Wow these two were hot for each other It just took the heroine a hundred pages to catch up Is there such a thing as a dark romp Because if there is this is oneThe opening takes place in the dark on the East End of London where the naive gazelle of a heroine is out trying to understand the man she loves a do gooder doctor The hero is babysitting his drunken nephew but forgets everything when he sees the heroine He kisses her against her will she responds he takes her glove only to return it tenfold the next day with gloves in every color I think that sets the tone for the rest of the story It's lighthearted on the surface but menacing yet there is an extravagance of feeling between the Hh that can't be dismissed The secondary characters are interesting The heroine's mother can't be out of bed for than 6 hours at a time because she has a heart condition She's 50 The heroine's father is an extrovert accountant oxymoron who does a bit of light embezzlement from the hero's company to keep the family coffers brimming It's the father who is the key for the hero to push marriage on to the heroine But it's their epic sexual attraction that makes it all seem inevitable and right The hero's family isn't as interesting Dad's a dour French executive Mom's also bedridden after a car accident Their scenes with the heroine in the last third of the story slow down the narrative and ended up knocking a star from my rating Funny the 400 AM rape that the heroine didn't consider a rape didn't do that just the boring scenes with the in laws The ending was kind of perfect for a dark romp The heroine tells the hero she's pregnant after he punches do gooder doctor and the laments she's soon going to look like a pumpkin Hero assures her he's hot for pumpkins If you love stalker alphas this one is for you Just be warned it's a dark romp with consent issues and rape triggers