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Download For your eyes only Mobi ✓ 182 pages Þ Ian fleming ´ ❰Reading❯ ➸ For your eyes only Author Ian Fleming – Bond watched her as she reached the edge of the tables and came up the aisle It was hopeless She was coming to meet someone—her lover She was the sort Bond watched her as she reached the edge of the tables and came up the aisle It was hopeless She was coming to meet someone her lover She was the sort of woman who always belongs to somebody else What damnable luck Before Bond could pull himself together the girl had come up to his table an Life is a devious business Ian Fleming uantum of Solace After having read about 7 of his novels this was the first set of Fleming short stories I ran into as I moved up the Bond collection For Your Eyes Only contains the following stories1 From A View to a Kill2 For Your Eyes Only3 uantum of Solace4 Risico5 The Hildebrand RarityThe first three titles would probably be familiar to anyone who has watched than a couple James Bond films over the last 20 years The only issue is they are only BARELY if at all recognizable They share the title with the films but that is about it And that isn't a bad thing I rather enjoyed the three movies but the stories here are for me nuanced than most of his books and all of his movies Fleming is experimenting a bit He is upping the literary and dialing down a bit the adventure Not so it isn't recognizable They are still all Fleming novels and ALL James Bond stories But they each in different ways bring a bit of humanity into the Bond collection

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D sat down ‘I’m sorry I’m late We’ve got to get moving at once You’re wanted at the office’ She added under her breath ‘Crash dive’Sudden emergencies and beautiful girls who aren’t uite what they seem and are the stock in trade of James Bond And when 007 is on the case the Rating 325 of fiveWow What a film 1981 was uite a year at the movie house Arthur Das Boot Gallipoli Chariots of Fireand this The movie doesn't follow the book's plot particularly closely adding stuff from another short story inventing stuffbut what the hey why should this one be different?It's a standard revenge action espionage flick Nothing in space some stuff underwater that makes some kinda sense and the best Bondmobile ever A Citroën 2CV from Wikimedia on a Commons licenseSo yeah being a little sarcastic there but this film brings out the snark in me Simon Templar does his smirking best as Bond The man's just about as sexy as beans on toastBut the reason I watched it again after not liking it in the theater in 1981 a horrible year in my life which probably had a lot to do with my response is the fact that this is Bond as a SPY An actual espionage agent It's refreshing to see after the previous decade's endless progression of villain fighting That got tedious Carole Thingummy as Melina was meh but the story was involving and less superhero suspend all disbelief ye who enter here and so a big relief to seeSheena Easton sang For Your Eyes Only another ubiuitous Bond theme It was wearing after a while but it was memorable I suppose modern audiences desensitized by the horrors of hoop pup and elektronika and suchlike nonmusic will feel that way about Adele's blah forgettable Skyfall Bah She's better than thatOh yeah For Your Eyes Only Decent if only just and worth a rental

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For your eyes onlyRe’s only one thing you can be sure of the result will be thrilling And whether he’s dealing with the assassination of a Cuban thug in America the destruction of an international heroin ring or sudden death in the Seychelles Bond gets the job done In his own suave and unmistakable style A short story collectionSeveral James Bond adventures with some stories taking place in the forests of Canada the seas around the Seychelles and the cafes of France which show readers Bond can be than an agent on assignment although there is that too Everybody likes people watching including Bond especially in observing rich psychopathic men often indistinguishable from criminals and having a license to kill is useful at unexpected times A variety of strong and kept women also cross Bond's path in these stories some of whom make his life interestingThese stories are surprisingly excellent Fleming writes above his usual paygrade in 'For Your Eyes Only' Literary uality with only a touch of the prejudices he usually includes in his James Bond books