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Wess both frighten and fascinate Elizabeth–moves into a hotel to pursue a string of lovers her father a historian loses himself in a world of chess and toy soldiers Elizabeth’s imagination primed by an explicit edition of The Arabian Nigh. Ducornet is the lovelist most magical and dazzling writer on two legs Her elements tetralogy is an essential entry in the American canon her short fiction has inspired dozens of MFA pixie girls to take up their pens and write flotsammy flimflam about faires and pixies and sexy girly poohs bitchslapping wizards Gazelle is a serious faced novel from her less playful sombre period concerning the flowering of sexuality of Elizabeth in Egypt among a cast of fantastic characters with light Arabian Nights nods Her sentences are measured breaths softly sumptuous and tinily tremulous One of the lesser lights in Ducornet’s formidable corpus this novel still enraptures those who need enrapturing me and captures the sweat and sumptuousness of sexy sultry Egypt and its sexy sultry cast of sexy things

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Gazelle Author Rikki DucornTs leads her to fantasies about her father’s friend a gentle older man named Ramses Ragab a perfume maker who visits their house regularly to play games of war and who opens her up to the mystery of hieroglyphics and the art of exotic scent. There is no Carter There is no Rushdie There is only Ducornet Rikki Ducornet is one of my favorite under known writers an extraordinary fantasist A camphor scented bildungsroman set in 1950s Cairo Gazelle is probably her strongest novel it's definitely her most autobiographical and it would be the best introduction to her work Which by the way is chock full of sex And mummies

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Gazelle Author Rikki Ducornet Read & Download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ [Read] ➪ Gazelle Author Rikki Ducornet – As mesmerizing as a tale from the lips of Sheherazade Gazelle traces the story of Elizabeth a thirteen year old American girl whose adolescent passion is awakened inAs mesmerizing as a tale from the lips of Sheherazade Gazelle traces the story of Elizabeth a thirteen year old American girl whose adolescent passion is awakened in the exotic climate of s Cairo While her mother–whose beauty and sexual pro. On this day one decade ago my husband and I married in the Duesseldorf Standesamt At that time we were oblivious to that juncture in our future which would bring us to Egypt where we resided in the Western Desert on the outskirts of Cairo for three yearsThis book breathes sense of place in the same way as Durrell's The Alexandria uartet evokes an Alexandria which no longer exists the Cairo in Gazelle is a place of memories both the author's and my own I read Durrell's uartet before I ever saw Alexandria and was both saddened that I would never walk its streets as he had and glad that I could lose myself in the landscape of his prose and discover the Alexandria he had knownIn the same way Gazelle does not reuire you to have visited a Fayoum rose field or crossed the bridge at Zamalek or hailed a taxi on 26 July Ducornet has that effortless flowing dreamy style which transports you into the time and place of her story and leaves you surrounded drowning in tastes and sights and sounds and above all touch and smellsIt is not a novel about thisHere's a vaginaand here is a penisOpen the doorsand welcome to Venusnor is it a novel that starts at A and ends at B with a What if as the galloping force whipping its characters along to a climactic denouement This is a novel with a classical beginning middle and end It has action of both the mind and body and it has plot like scent swirls from crushed petals and it is about achingly bittersweet and gloriously doomed characters their moods and thoughts and desires and desperations and disappointments and finally transformation It is a Chopin nocturne of complexity rather than a plastic pop song of boringly repetitive refrain and rhythm It is a five star restaurant indulgence complete with aperitif amuse bouche sorbet petit fours et digestif and accompanying string uartet rather than a fast food takeaway It is an immersion of your senses and it is not to be hurried or abused by the lack of your own sensitivity to the purity of words painting images in brushstrokes at once subtle and stark thick and thin toned and blazingInterview about the book with Ms Ducornet Worth the read