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Intrigue eBook ↠ Hardcover ¹ insolpro õ ❰KINDLE❯ ❀ Intrigue Author Mercedes Lackey – Spellbinding storyteller Rave Reviews Mercedes Lackey continues her epic Valdemar series Magpie is a thirteen year old orphan chosen by one of the magical Companion horses of Valdemar and taken to the SpeSelf comes under suspicion Who are Magpie's parents who is he really? Can Mags solve the riddle of his parentage and his connection with the mysterious spies and prove his loyalty before the king and court banish him as a traitor I am a huge Mercedes Lackey fan but I must admit I'm a bit disappointed with this series so far I kept reminding myself that the middle book in a trilogy is almost always the weakest but then I realized that I wasn't incredibly impressed with the first one eitherI think the issue is that Lackey passes over the most interesting thing to me in the books the founding of the Collegia and tells the story from the point of view of someone who knows nothing about the mentor system they're leaving behind in favor of the classroom system Instead these books are a character study of Mags who isn't someone that I like very much unlike Talia; I was fine with the character study aspect of the Arrows trilogy because I loved Talia so much Mags doesn't have much of a personality really so it makes it difficult to relate to himAlso the real hard hitting plot doesn't begin until the latter uarter of the book when the ominous hints Lackey's been dropping about goings on in Haven finally crest and everything in Mags' life explodes rather impressively albeit slightly out of character ly When this starts and everything begins really moving the book became much better and I was sad that it endedA minor complaint is the same issue I took with earlier Harry Potter books too much is made of Kirball and their practice and matches in my opinionI'm not writing off the trilogy all together; I've loved Lackey too long for that But I sincerely hope the final installment is gripping and relevant than the first two

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Spellbinding storyteller Rave Reviews Mercedes Lackey continues her epic Valdemar series Magpie is a thirteen year old orphan chosen by one of the magical Companion horses of Valdemar and taken to the capital city Haven to be tra Not something to read if you may be triggered by mental and verbal abuse and suicidal thoughtsI really liked the first book in this series and eagerly looked forward to the seuel I couldn't have been disappointed Spoilers to followStill with me? Okay In the first book we are introduced to Mags a abused orphan of unknown origin that is being forced to work in a gem mine He is then rescued by his Companion Dallen and wisked away to the Haven to begin his training as a Herald He is over joyed to have enough good food to eat his own room to sleep in and to be allowed to learn as much as he can he even makes his first friends a bard trainee and a healer traineeSo far so good In the second book you have a lurking enemy xenophobia and severe neglect and abuse by those that should be protecting young Mags The little bard uses him to try to gain the notice of her Father the Bear the healer wants Mags to intervene for him to keep his family from dragging him home The teachers and other students turn on him because someone has a vision that a person of foreign blood will attack the king Everyone zeros in on Mags despite being vouched for by his Companion and the fact that there must be dozens if not hundreds of foreigners in Haven such as traders emigrants and diplomats His friends turn on him heaping verbal and emotional abuse on him even though he has never done anything that try to help them They have him in a near suicidal state feeling completely worthless and so he runs away thinking that his Companion can then break their bond and choose someone worthy When he is contacted mentally by someone he should trust he is then put in even danger to prove himselfAt the end of the book everything is suddenly forgiven His friends forgive him for what I'm not sure and Mags instantly accepts them back in his life with no reservations Apparently all the abuse he suffered while working at the mine makes it okay to heap further abuse on him with no repercussions for the abusersTo be honest this book had me so angry on behalf of the fictional Mags that I'm surprised I didn't suffer a rage blackout I know that ML is known for putting her characters through some angst but this was completely over the top The plot was jumbled at best the pace felt rushed and the end was abrupt and didn't really resolve anythingI would not recommend this book to anyone and I cannot ever see myself re reading this If you wish to read I would suggest checking your local library or second hand bookstore to save yourself money

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IntrigueIned as a Herald Like all Heralds Magpie learns that he has a hidden Gift the Gift of telepathy But life at the court is not without obstacles When Mags is recognized by foreign secret operatives whose purpose is unknown Mags him Ah the Collegium Chronicles also known as Lackey rewrites Harry Potter Let's list the similaritiesIn the first bookYoung callow orphaned male protagonist is rescued from a horrifically abusive situation and whisked off to a school for kids with supernatural powers There he becomes great friends with a boy and girl who spoilers fall for each other forming a power trio He is obsessed with finding out about his parentsIn the second bookEveryone is convinced that the hero is actually a monster due to some bad blood in his mysterious early history He has a poorly timed public revelation parseltongue I'm a furriner He confronts the real villain climatically at end rescuing captive friends And let's not forget uidditch Kirball a game with not enough foul rules to keep the participants safe and an insane 10150 11050 scoring system that leads to ludicrous blowouts Admittedly Kirball also leads to boring 1 1 games since the big score isn't necessary like the SnitchEdit I somehow missed the similarities between Kirball and Hurlee in Exile's Valor the loss of Kirball without a trace seems a meaningful plot hole for the series