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Project X Review º 0 õ ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Project X By Nephylim ✰ – Morgan Bentley is a bastard Always was and always will be At least that’s what Matthew Hopkins thinks Unfortunately Morgan is also a brilliant law student and easily eclipses Matthew academically an Morgan Bentley is a bastard Always was and always will be At Doth protest a bit too muchCory has received the chance of a lifetime in the form of an internship with ITM Information Technology and Medicine the prestigious research company where Morgan’s father is the CEO Too inuisitive for his own good the naturally curious Cory stumbles on a deadly sec. What I like about this bookTo me it is a fresh story well in my little mm world The author paints a great picture in the law and science world I could see all these debates going on and picture an actual science lab I felt like I was really there You think it's going to be all sci fi but it really wasn't I thought maybe it would get all Spidey super secret lab again it didn't wellnot all the way By that I mean he isn't a super herovillain though there is super secret labs It was a feels story with lots of angst and indecision The characters had lots of growth mainly Matthew He was to me kind of a jerk in the beginning When he finally came around though it was wonderful Morgan's father also did a lot of growing probably the most through the whole book I really thought the worst of him and I wanted to reach into the book and shake the hell out of him In the end though I do believe he was redeemable I love a good GFY story and this one we get our HEAWhat I didn't likeA lot of the characters mainly Cory and Morgon and a little bit of Matthew seemed to stutter a lot If one character does it its endearing When multiple do it it breaks up the reading flow and takes away from another character not giving them individuality Aside from all that I think this author is a great storyteller and I can't wait to see what else she'll have in store for usI give this book a 35 stars

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Morgan Bentley is a bastard Always was and always will be At least that’s what Matthew Hopkins thinks Unfortunately Morgan is also a brilliant law student and easily eclipses Matthew academically and sociallyMatthew insists he hates Morgan According to Matthew’s best friend Cory perhaps he. The three characters with the most air time in this book are Matthew Cory and Morgan three college students The story is told from the POV of Matthew Matthew is just really clueless Everyone around him understands him way better than he understands himself Matthew is fairly popular well liked loved by some good looking and gay He's unaware of any of this Basically he's unaware of anything except school and how much he can't stand Morgan Cory is the always in the shadows computer nerd best friend of Matthew Morgan is the ultra cool mega rich superstar of the campus Matthew thinks he hates Morgan but really it's not hate of course Tomorrow we were going to glare at each other again and grind our teeth at every word the other said Tomorrow we were going to torment one another and try our very best to tear the other down at every possibility Tomorrow we would hate each other againbut todaytoday was something different Today I was holding him in my arms Today I was resting my cheek on his hair Today I was feeling his heart beat next to mine This story felt like YA to me for a long time Then all the sudden it definitely wasn't so I guess I'd label it as NA It's sort of sci fi but not as much as I thought it would be There is a secret drug and experiments and side effects Most of the first part is mystery Lots of mystery It's also sort of a coming of age first love and family drama novelI thought Project X contained many sweet parts emotional parts and also a little wisdom we all should take note of Why don't we realize life's so fragile Why do we waste it throw it away for nothing This was all sounnecessary This was my first read from the author I look forward to reading Copy given in exchange for an honest review

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Project XRet inside of ITM What he has learned will tip the balance of everything but for good or badJust what is the mysterious Project XWhat is Morgan’s involvementMatthew has to sort fact from fiction friend from foe as his world is turned upside down and inside out and nothing can be the way it wa. What an amazing ride I loved every second of it Matthew hated hated hated Morgan He saw Morgan as an arrogant ahole Matthew’s best friend Cory saw it for what it really was but since Matthew fantasized about the house with the white picket fence wife and 2 kids Cory let Matthew hold tight to his denial Matthew and Morgan were put on a school project together while Cory received an internship a company owned by Morgan’s father Cory the eternal geek found himself hacking into the system to get a better idea about the company and the various projects he would get to work on while there That’s when he stumbled upon the mysterious Project X While Cory is busy hacking around Matthew’s hatreddenial for Morgan grows as they work on their school project together What Cory discovers forces Matthew to swallow his hatred for Morgan or at least put in on the back burner in order to help him I won’t give too much away but this story is amazing I was on the edge of my seat I could not read this book fast enough By the end I had bawled my eyes out laughed and was just shocked beyond belief The book was well written and you attach emotionally to the characters early on I highly recommend this book if you are interested in a great suspense book splashed with a side of romance