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Songbird Freed free read ✓ 6 ↠ [Epub] ➛ Songbird Freed By Lisa Edward – COMPLETED SERIES AVAILABLE ON KINDLE UNLIMITEDI’ve always believed we controlled our own fate That life was a journey with many roads and the choices we made could shape our futureLife presented me COMPLETED SERIES AVAILABLE ON KINDLE UNLIMITEDIOf the last twelve months my destiny felt crystal clear I had everything I wanted love happiness Until a life changing phone call rocked me to the core and turned my life upside down My past caught up to me shattering my perfect worldBut some things are wor. Songbird Freed Songbird #3 by Lisa Edward 45 stars “If you love someone set her free If she comes back she is yours if she doesn’t fight like hell for her” What an amazing end to a fantastic trilogy one that I have loved from the very start This book is action packed from first to last page and a very fitting end for this bunch of friends and predominantly Tara Cole and RileyThis book continues from Songbird Caged where we found out that Riley was alive What would this mean for Tara and Cole’s fledgling romance After reading Songbird I was staunch #teamriley there was no deviating from it but after reading Songbird Caged even I had to admit that Tara and Cole were a better fit These two had so much in common they were soul mates and they had that deep all consuming love that others could only be envious about Their connection was so strong and their chemistry palpable and at the end of Songbird Caged I was happy and distraught Happy that Riley was alive but also distraught as I feared what trouble this would cause for Tara and ColeI have to admit I admired Tara in this book she confronts the situation head on does not leave anyone hanging or confused and she makes her decision uickly and stands by it no matter the conseuences The scenes surrounding her talking to the one who was not chosen totally and utterly destroyed me I was in floods of tears This is what happens when you love both characters in a book but that is testament to the author that she can evoke that kind of emotion out of you in the first place It is Lisa Edward’s words that allow you to have that connection to both men They are both fantastic men in their own right but there can only be one winner and you desperately do not want to see the other one get hurt but alas it was inevitable “Oh babe I love that you want me because I know you want all of me The good the bad and the rock hard” Tara still has a lot to contend with Riley’s brother is still making appearances making everyone live in fear and Cole’s “fiancée” is still on the periphery making her presence than felt In this book you really feel for Cole he is put in such a position by his family and you will him to grow the balls he needs to cut himself free and actually go for what he wants not what everyone else thinks he needs to doAfter recuperating Riley decides to stay in the field and once again there are scenes here that evoked a plethora of emotions out of me I was enraged you will know when you get there and I was devastated again you will know when you get there and I will say that Lisa is EVIL But these scenes are touching for so many reasons I felt everything the raw emotion that poured off the pages had me in tears you felt every word of pain every word of anguish and just every word hit you right in the heart But this part of the book was a much needed necessity and I was glad that it happened but I would have preferred if something else did not happen as it just caused drama and I felt that these three had already suffered enough “We all have scars Riley Yours are just on the outside so they’re visible It’s just proof that we have lived and endured” I really cannot go into details and I have tried to be as vague as possible as I do not want to spoil this for anyone but for those that have followed this story it is a fantastic ending I am not ready to part with this group in a hurry and they are a “family” that will stay in my heart for a very long time There are a lot of characters that can still be explored and I am hoping that Lisa will continue to write about them so that we can continue to catch up and see how each and every one of their lives is evolving Tara may have got her ending but there is still a bunch of them that need one too “The past is in the past remember We both made mistakes but we’re here we’re t

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Th fighting forDreams can come true and I would do everything in my power to make that happenBut with the odds against us dreams could be smashed into tiny pieces I was afraid that no matter how hard I fought or how fiercely I loved this time I might not win. OmgI was hooked from first book what a rollacoaster of a ride I was shouting at Tara Cole and Riley so many twists and turns wow lots of steamy bits once u start u won't put it down love it

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Songbird FreedCOMPLETED SERIES AVAILABLE ON KINDLE UNLIMITEDI’ve always believed we controlled our own fate That life was a journey with many roads and the choices we made could shape our futureLife presented me with two paths I chose oneWas I rightAfter the uncertainty. I love this final book in the Songbird trilogy and can't wait to share it with everyone Lisa