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Cold Days Mobi µ á Insolpro ë ❴Reading❵ ➸ Cold Days Author Jim Butcher – You can't keep a good wizard down even when he wants to stay that wayFor years Harry Dresden has been Chicago's only professional wizard but a bargain made in desperation with the ueen of Air and Dark You can't keep a good wizaEver known even deeper than being dead How messed up is that?Beset by his new enemies and hounded by the old Dresden has only twenty four hours to reconnect with his old allies prevent a cataclysm and do the impossible all while the power he bargained to get but never meant to keep lays siege to his very soulMagic It can get a guy killed Updated 1212012This is not really a proper review but expanding on why I gave it 3 stars It has spoilers so don't bother reading if you haven't read the bookHonestly I enjoyed the book because I am a huge fan of The Dresden Files but that doesn't mean I am going to be biased and just rate everything 5 starsI don't know if it's due to the different type of series I have been reading lately or not but seeing Harry as the underdog yet again didn't sit well with meI felt like he had to rely on his friends too often to save his butt in this book There's nothing wrong with that but Harry was already a very powerful wizard By adding even power with the winter mantle I thought he was going to be a force to be reckon withWhat happened was he ended up getting his butt kicked multiple times by individuals who should have been no match for himThe Little Folk? Ace the Changeling? Redcap? Being as strong as he should have been I didn't expect these people to be obstacles in his way Hell the way he froze those fae at the beginning of the book only to shatter them into a million pieces was awesome I had high hopes at that partAnother personal disappointment for me was the way he was reunited with everyoneThe only reunion I really liked was with his brother because it felt the most genuine to me Thomas couldn'twouldn't believe that his brother could still be alive When he finally came to believe it was really him it made me smileWe find out Molly already knew Harry was alive weeks ago so their reunion felt really lackluster to meAgain the same thing happens with Murphy Another lackluster reunion This was the one I was really interested in too She was grieving hard in Ghost Story and couldn't believe that the ghost was actually Harry It wasn't until the end that she finally really accepted it was him only to realize his ghost is now goneIn Cold Days Harry is getting his butt kicked and Murphy pops out of no where to help him After he's safe they are chatting like him being alive is no big deal Oh I followed the explosions I heard about on the police scanner I figured they had to be youparaphrasing Really? I was really expecting much than this There was no shock on her part at all that he was aliveThere were probably a few other parts of the book that bugged me which is why I didn't give it 5 stars but those ones stuck out for meI really did enjoy it overall but maybe I was just expecting the things above to happen exactly as I imagined they wouldLearning about why the Gatekeeper is called the Gatekeeper was interesting I completely forgot that there must be a reason for his nameThere was Toot in this book which I loved His adoration for Lacunaafter realizing Hook was a female was adorable I believe he even gets her a jolly rancher only to be sucker punched in the face WowWe learnt about Mac in this book even if it wasn't much We know he's not just some bartender now I guess he will play a much larger role in a future bookEverything to do with Demonreach I loved reading about The spirit of the island the Well that Harry is now Warden of the monsters that are imprisoned there I thought Jim Butcher did a great job with the imageryAnyways there's probably I could say but I'm going to go read Wow I am really looking forward to this book The wait is dreadful The last book 'Ghost Story' was one of my favs of the entire series I can't wait to see Harry in his new role as the WK I especially can't wait for when Molly Murphy and the rest of his friends realize he is alive I teared up a lot during the last book not afraid to admit ita lot of it was sad so I am really really looking forward to Harry reuniting with everyone even if his new role will probably make him feel like he has to stay awayIn every book so far that I can remember it starts months and months after the last one has finished Granted Ghost Story did sort of start off immediately where Changes left off but that was only from Harry's point of view in reality 6 months had pastI REALLY hope Cold Days starts off IMMEDIATELY where Ghost Story ended With Harry now the new Winter Knight and Mab taking him to Faerie to introduce him as such to the Unseelie Court I think that would make for a really good readI will be disappointed if the book starts off 6 months later and all Harry's friends already know he's alive and working with the Sidhe I want to be there for when they actually find out that he's not dead not read about how they found out months agoCrossing my fingers Jim Butcher doesn't disappoint

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You can't keep a good wizard down even when he wants to stay that wayFor years Harry Dresden has been Chicago's only professional wizard but a bargain made in desperation with the ueen of Air and Darkness has forced him into a new job professional killerMab the mother of wicked faeries has restored the mostly dead wizard to health and di I have a Booktube channel now Subscribe here stars Cold Days once again established The Dresden Files as one of the most consistently good series out there “I know it's not thematically in tune with my new job and all but I find it effective Build a man a fire and he's warm for a day I say But set a man on fire and he's warm for the rest of his life Tao of Pratchett I live by it” By this point in the series you should know the drill already If Harry Dresden received a mission from Mab you know things are about to go incredibly bad for him and everyone involved But here we are Cold Days is the fourteenth book in The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher and I must say that I’m seriously enjoying the darker turn that the story takes I’ve seen several readers voiced their complaints about the darker tone but I have to say that I disagree; I’m enjoying it so much and I think the series is all the better for it ‘“Bad things are inside everyone” I said “I don’t care how gentle or holy or sincere or dedicated you are There are bad things in there Lust Greed Violence You don’t need a wicked ueen to make that happen That’s a part of everyone Some some less but it’s always there”“You say that you were this wicked from the beginning?” Lily asked“I’m saying I could have been” I said “I chose something else And I’m going to continue choosing something else”’ There’s a lot of things I cannot talk about any on my review due to spoilers and the things I can talk about will sound repetitive I can’t avoid this this is the fourteenth book in the series after all What I loved about Cold Days is Butcher explored the price of having too much power This isn’t actually a new theme; it’s a recurring theme in the series and as the stakes and danger that Harry and crew faced keep on escalating it is not a surprise that Harry and his friends have to attain—and use—a much bigger power and magic than before We know that Harry at the core of his heart is a good guy and the same thing can be said for the rest of his friends But often than not too much power changes characters This is a theme that’s thoroughly pursued by Butcher in this book and the moral struggle that Harry encountered felt real “See that’s the tragedy of the human condition No one wants to be corrupted by power when they set out to get it They have good even noble reasons for doing whatever it is they do They don’t want to misuse it they don’t want to abuse it and they don’t want to become vicious monsters Good people decent people set out to take the high road to pick up power without letting it change them or push them away from their idealsBut it keeps happening anywayHistory is full of it As a rule people aren’t good at handling power And the second you start to think you’re better at controlling your power than anyone else you’ve already taken the first step” The biggest surprise for me in this installment is how much I enjoyed the action scenes I think the only books in the series so far where I thoroughly enjoyed the actions were Dead Beat and Changes The pacing is well executed the scale of the battles has exponentially increased and the entire section in Demonreach and Lake Michigan was awesome This is once again the fourteenth book of the series already there’s no time for repetitive mission based detective solving and all that Ever since Changes I loved that I couldn’t predict the story too much any Butcher’s writing still flows well maybe even better than before and the ending signified a bigger threat to come in the next installment The only minor issue that didn’t really work for me is that the plot in Cold Days revolves heavily around the faeries of the series and I’m not too much of a fan of faeries in my fantasy reads “Because even if they are doing something immoral I'd be an idiot to start criticizing them for it if I wasn't perfect myself Smoking is self destructive Drinking is self destructive Losing your temper and yelling at people is wrong Lying is wrong Cheating is wrong Stealing is wrong But people do that stuff all the time Soon as I figure out how to be a perfect human being then I'm ualified to go lecture other people about how they live their lives” Not much else to say Cold Days is spectacular I can’t believe that I’ve read fourteen books in the series; this is by far the biggest urban fantasy series I’ve read so far and it’s astounding that I still find myself so engrossed by each installment Harry Dresden has said it a storm is coming in Skin Game Harry’s life has drastically changed since the first installment and I’m so pumped to find out what’s coming next “Wizarding just isn’t what it used to be Not so many years ago I’d think it was a busy week if someone asked me to locate a lost dog or a wedding ring It had been horribly boring I’d had lots and lots of free time I hadn’t been rich but I’d gotten to buy plenty of books to read and I’d never gone hungry And no one had tried to kill me or asked me to make a horrible choice Not once You never know what you have until it’s gonePeace and uiet and people I love Isn’t that what everyone wants?” You can order the book from Book Depository Free shipping | Bookshop Support Local Bookstores You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions Special thanks to my Patrons on Patreon for giving me extra support towards my passion for reading and reviewingMy Patrons Alfred Alya Annabeth Devin Diana Hamad Jimmy Nutts Joie Michelle Mike Miracle Nicholas Zoe

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Cold DaysSpatches him upon his first mission to bring death to an immortal Even as he grapples with the impossible task Dresden learns of a looming danger to Demonreach the living island hidden upon Lake Michigan a place whose true purpose and dark potential have the potential to destroy billions and to land Dresden in the deepest trouble he has Still freaking fantastic I was not expecting much from this book as the previous book was a huge disappointment for me In fact I was scared that what if this proved to be worse than Ghost Story But once I started reading this book I knew that I won't be disappointed this time and the series is back on trackLike in previous books in this book too Harry has to complete a mission which is to kill an immortal And if Harry is careless this time he would send the balance of world in a turmoilHarry is always been strong mentally but his mental strength is truly tested in this book He came so close to give in to evil but some how managed to survive I have always liked this tug of war between Harry and Evil with bad people proposing lucrative offers to Harry to make him join them Harry’s usual gang is back with him now helping him to fight the enemy and save the world Thomas Murphy Molly and Toot toot all playing crucial parts in this throughout this book was a four star for me but last 6 chapters just snatch that precious last star from me and I had to give this book 5 stars it was just so good Once again hats off to Mr Butcher for maintaining the story this interesting and full of surprises With every book I think nothing can surpass this and the next book is just better than the previous Ghost Story was an exception thoughthis book has an amazing ending and I am going to pick the next book sooner than later