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Reader ✓ Play Nice ↠ Download Õ L.p. maxa ☆ [Ebook] ➦ Play Nice Author L.P. Maxa – Rock a stadium Bang a chick Repeat As lead singer of The Devil’s Share Dash Conner could get anything or anyone he wanted—until he met Lexi Grant MONEY FAME WHISKEY SEX For Dash Conner lead singeSurely one night of fun wouldn’t hurt anyone Unless that night ends with a broken condom For Lexi and Dash that’s just the beginning Add an overly affectionate pit bull a missing guitarist a house full of sorority girls a junkie ex bandmate and an extreme aversion to Jäger and it’s either a recipe for disaster or true lov I give this book a 4 star rating because it was cute funny and steamy It is not what I usually enjoybecause this book was insta everythingDash and Lexi fell into insta sex then instarelationship insta love insta baby and theninsta happily ever after AndI enjoyed itThe rest of the rock star band banded behindDash and Lexi and we have insta familyAnd it really worked Not a ton of depth to the characters and a little over the topunrealistic drama but enough good for me to really enjoy this book and read by this author

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Ce he picked up a guitar a girl was actually demanding he woo her For a chance with her Dash would do that and Lexi Grant was no groupie Just because the biggest rock star in the world smiled at her didn’t mean she had to fall into bed with him but it was going to be awfully hard to resist that impish smile and those tatted abs DNFCouldn't even finish the first chapter I didn't like the set upthe 'fans' groupies possible love triangle possible cheating and pushover heroine

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Play NiceRock a stadium Bang a chick Repeat As lead singer of The Devil’s Share Dash Conner could get anything or anyone he wanted until he met Lexi Grant MONEY FAME WHISKEY SEX For Dash Conner lead singer of The Devil’s Share everything he wanted was his for the asking Whiskey Drugs Money Sex But not Lexi Grant For the first time sin What if the rock star you had the hots for reciprocated your feelings? A dream come true or a recipe for becoming another conuest for an over the top living large manwhore? Who knew becoming part of the entourage for a popular band could be the start of an instant mutual attraction that became love earthy comical and shared by the enter band? Kind of like having your family around knowing every time you intimate and calling you out on itPlay Nice by LP Maxa is a fun read often predictable but filled with characters that can be totally endearing a little uirky a little nosey but I suppose it’s kind of hard to keep secrets when traveling in a tour busFront man Dash and photographer Lexi have chemistry no denying it and with no overdone in your face sexual encounters LP Maxa gets her message across and isn’t afraid to add a dash of humor to the heat Well written on the light side with a few twists this is like spending a few weeks with the band on the road which was kind of fun Clearly the ending was the set up and great segue for the next book in the series as another bandmate gets bitten by the love bugLooking to be entertained with no great angst and just want something light? Here you goI received this copy from LP Maxa in exchange for my honest reviewSeries Devil's Share Book 1Publisher Boroughs Publishing Group July 1 2015Publication Date July 1 2015Genre Rocker RomancePrint Length 136 pagesAvailable from | Barnes NobleFor Reviews More