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Download The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection Book ´ 257 pages Î ➺ [Reading] ➼ The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection By Alexander McCall Smith ➯ – In Botswana Precious's assistant detective Grace's new husband Phuti suggests Academy name to Clovis Andersen visitingImpopo PDFEPUB or board member Ditso fires orphan mother Potokwane and Phuti's builder is bankrupt yet builds himself the best Fourth read These are reliable comfort reads for me and I enjoy them every time I pick them up Looking forward to the new book in this series which was recently published Third readAMS wrote a new novel in this series and I'm rereading the series through once until I come to the new one and finish it This series has magic and happiness baked right in and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in Botswana but than that for people who are looking for a panacea of decency and goodness in the midst of everything May God bless AMS's pen his typewriter his PC Mac and the terrific narrator for the audiobooks Lisette Lecat Second readOK so apparently I'm reading the entire No 1 Ladies Detective series this calendar year and most of them have been rereads This is my second time reading this book this year And it was every bit as enjoyable as the first time through After finishing the series earlier this year I immediately started back at the beginning I've come full circle and have no desire to stop So maybe the best uestion is will I ever stop reading Alexander McCall Smith's books I hope not They lift my soul up I wholeheartedly recommend themFirst readThis is the 13th book in Alexander McCall Smith's No 1 Ladies Detective series and it's every bit as good as the first How many long running series can say that We finally meet Clovis Andersen in this installment and he doesn't disappoint I hope AMS brings him back again Two of my favorite unrelated recurring characters ran into pretty serious trouble in this one and I was satisfied with the way the author resolved their issues It's been said that this series is Smith's love letter to Botswana and I believe it's true Mma Ramotswe and the rest of the cast remind us of the good in the world and books like this one give a much needed respite from the hustle and the craziness I'm glad he's such a prolific writer as I hope to never run out of his wonderful works Of all of his series this one is my favorite Long live AMS

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In Botswana Academy of PDFEPUB #196 Precious's assistant detective Grace's new husband Phuti suggests Academy name to Clovis A Although I finished this book in about a day I've been stuck on this review for weeks Could it be that I've moved on from the series Could it be that McCall Smith is starting to repeat himself Has he lost his magicYes yes and yes along with the added discomfort of lingering weirdness for reading a book written by an old Scottish white dude about a middle aged African woman from Botswana There's just something that smacks of being interpreted and romanticized by the Other that doesn't set well with me Add story fatigue and I find myself pulling awayThe Limpopo Academy begins with Precious having a dream Attempting to share the experience with Grace Makutsi she is interrupted by Grace's pedantic interpretation and unable to convey the portentous feeling she has It segues to tea time interrupted by Mma Potokwane the Orphan Matron She is enlisting help in her struggle with Mr Ditso Ditso who has convinced the orphan board to build a formal dining hall for the orphans with the grant money they've recently received Shortly after Grace leaves to meet with her husband and the builder they are hiring Meanwhile Fanwell one of the mechanic's helpers gets in trouble for taking a side job and experiences an inept legal systemLimpopo goes on to distinguish itself from its predecessors when Mma Ramotswe's mythic detective Clovis Andersen arrives on scene It creates a wink nudge reaction for the reader who can see the detective is not famous or even particularly clever despite the admiring gaze of the women of the Ladies' Detective AgencyIn retrospect the subtext in the detective's incompetence plot is insulting Yes it tries to be gently funny but in the end all it serves to do is show how wisdom comes out of naive faith uneducated natives Ugh Now I'm really annoyedDr Siri has spoiled me The Coroner's Lunch when it comes to genre bending detective fiction Cotterill as Siri's creator contextualizes the story in regional and national political events and if Dr Siri occasionally is bitter it is because it comes out of disappointed love and early participation in the emancipation of his country In McCall Smith's Botswana however very little is given context or reality base if it wasn't for the rare one line reference it would be difficult to historically place the series The Precious tales take on folk tale proportions and I feel like Africans deserve than another veiled Anansi story McCall Smith should be starting to challenge the readers with information and context not less Instead of the 'talking shoes' of Grace and Precious' endless repetitive admiration for her father perhaps we should know about how the explosion of cattle farming is ruining the eco system and the land plus long term father worship is a little creepy when it doesn't come with any other family or venerated ancestor framing Grace selecting building materials for a house hints at the economic explosion in one of the stable African nations but we don't get that context and indeed view spoiler it only serves to highlight corruption hide spoiler

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The Limpopo Academy of Private DetectionNdersen visiting author of their constant reference Their three puzzles are mechanic apprentice Fanwell fixes stolen car The L In this thirteen episode of this series those excellent sleuths Precious Ramotswe and Grace Makutsi don't have any new cases to investigate but find themselves helping friends deal with difficult situations where they are being bullied cheated or wrongly accused A great hero of Mma Ramotswe's who wrote a book very dear to her also drops in for a visit and helps them sort out a case of wrong dismissal Written with it's usual charm spending time with Precious and her friends in her world of goodness and respect is a balm in a crazy world that always seems to be moving too fast