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Wheelmen Lance Armstrong the Tour de France and the Greatest Sports Conspiracy EverThe first in depth look at Lance Armstrong's doping scandal the phenomenal business success built on the back of fraud and the greatest conspiracy in the history of sportsLance Armstrong won a record smashing seven Tours de France after staring down cancer and in the process became an international symbol of resilience and courage In a sport constantly dogged by blood doping scandals he seemed above the fray Then in January 2013 the legend imploded He admitted doping during the Tours and in an interview with Oprah described his mythic perfect story as one big lie But his admission raised uestions than it answered because he didn’t say who had helped him dope or how he skillfully avoided getti This is a superb accounting of Lance Armstrong and his relationship with performance enhancing drugs over the course of his ENTIRE professional bike racing career by two journalists from the Wall Street Journal It is well researched and well written For me it closes the book on Lance Armstrong I don't need to know anything about him He is now a non entity to me after years of foolishly believing him and of admiring his accomplishments

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Verse set Wheelmen offers a riveting look at what happens when enigmatic genius breaks loose from the strictures of morality It reveals the competitiveness and ingenuity that sparked blood doping as an accepted practice and shows how the Americans methodically constructed an international operation of spies and revolutionary technology to reach the top It went on to become a New York Times Bestseller a Wall Street Journal Business Bestseller and win numerous awards including a Gold Medal for the Axiom Business Book Awards At last exposing the truth about Armstrong and American cycling  Wheelmen paints a living portrait of what is without uestion the greatest conspiracy in the history of spor This book is for you cyclists out there This book is for all you spandexed sweat covered weekend after work cycling warriors who feel the need to experience the build up of lactic acid in your thighs and sting of sweat in your eyes This book is for anyone who sat in awe and watched as Lance Armstrong with the US Postal team and later The Discovery Channel played a kind of cycling chess with the other top riders and teams of the world during seven successive Tours de France This is the book that all of you who were caught up in the story of the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong need on your shelves Authors Reed Albergotti and Vanessa O’Connell have put together a well written easy to follow story that traces how cyclists wheelmen from the late 1970s to the present worked to put America back on the cycling map as a dominant sports power This is the story of how a multinational conspiracy yielded its participants hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of a 24 year period In its pages the authors will sweep you from Austin Texas to Washington DC to Nice France to St Moritz Switzerland to the switchbacks of some of the tallest peaks in the Alps This book isn’t just about Lance Armstrong It is about much In Abergotti and O’Connell’s own words “This book arose from the than one hundred interviews we conducted and many of the articles we wrote in The Wall Street Journal about Lance Armstrong and his take no prisoners war with former teammates federal investigators and anti doping officials over accusations that he had doped to win the Tour de France Our work for the Journal was focused on offering the first detailed accounts of the mechanics and culture of the US Postal Service team’s doping program This book will allow you to see Lance close up from his turbulent teenage years to his ascent to the top of his sport his battle with cancer and the depths of his disgrace You will find out what motivated him to take extreme risks and to chase seemingly impossible goals; what fueled his persistent lying and bullying his contempt for others and his vendettas against those who spoke the truth” I was so incredibly pleased with this book on so many levels that I almost don’t know where to begin And it wasn’t just the story and the superb crafting of the authors I also have to give 5 stars to the editorial staff that produced this book I am a cycling fan I watched virtually all the races described in the pages and then some Velonews and Cyclingfans have permanent spots on my ‘favorites’ tab on my laptop But even I didn’t know all the players that Albergotti and O’Connell covered in their pages The book begins with a marvelous 5 page listing of the cast of characters and their relationship to either Lance or to cycling in general As I was reading it was easy to keep a finger there for uick reference If I was unsure of a person I could uickly check him or her out and get back to my chapter with a minimum of effort Also I’m also a nut for author’s chapter notes The designers of this book made it ridiculously easy for me Under the chapter heading the main points covered are in BOLD print This allowed me to uickly find and check the authors on various statement For example under the heading of Chapter One the BOLD headings read in part Details of the Tour de France state 13; USPS’s myopic focus on Armstrong; Landis’s physiological ability; Landis’s meeting with Novitzky and Tygart; The blood transfusions on the US Postal team; and Delivered Blood Under each bold heading was the note For example under “Delivered the Blood” you will find Bruyneel’s assistant Geert Duffeleer brought the blood to a hotel room where the team was staying before July 2004 transfusion according to Landis’s second amended complaint for violations of the federal False Claims Act February 2013” I love stuff like this and in the kind of story that WHEELMEN is the ability to check the authors uickly without loosing the thread of what I am reading just adds to the overall enjoyment of the book This book is a real page turner These authors have captured Lance Armstrong’s decades long deception and have unwoven the complicated logistics of the people who determined to keep it secret You will meet the teammates doctors lawyers financial backers sponsors assistants and associates who had a vested interest in Armstrong’s cheating ways and how they helped him cheat or at least turned a blind eye to what he was doing But most interestingly you will get a good look at Armstrong the man and that to me was the most fascinating part of the book It takes a special kind of man to slam the door on death and then rise to the top of his field and become a universal icon as a cancer survivor and a world class athlete Read this book You will not be disappointed

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Book ☆ Wheelmen Lance Armstrong the Tour de France and the Greatest Sports Conspiracy Ever Å 384 pages Download ´ [BOOKS] ⚣ Wheelmen Lance Armstrong the Tour de France and the Greatest Sports Conspiracy Ever By Reed Albergotti – TNg caught The Wall Street Journal reporters Reed Albergotti and Vanessa O'Connell broke the news at every turn In  Wheelmen they reveal the broader story of how Armstrong and his supporters used money power and cutting edge science to conuer the world’s most difficult race Wheelmen introduces US Postal Service Team owner Thom Weisel who in a brazen power play ousted USA Cycling's top leadership and gained control of the sport in the United States ensuring Armstrong’s dominance Meanwhile sponsors fought over contracts with Armstrong as the entire sport of cycling began to benefit from the Lance effect What had been a uirky working class hobby became the pastime of the Masters of the Uni The story of Lance Armstrong cheating cycling the media his worldwide fans and pretty much everyone in his path is now very old newsBut the authors while reporting for the Wall Street Journal of all places were the first to break the story wide open Other books about Lance cheating via doping came out last year the one by his former teammate Tyler Hamilton lifted the veil and gave us a lot of details but Wheelmen is the first book to lay out a vivid chronology of Armstrong's 15 years of deception Overall it's a sad read Armstrong comes off as a complete asshole a win at any cost competitor who blows through nearly every meaningful relationship he's ever had In fact one of things that becomes apparent is that he's never been able to sustain any friendship that wasn't a financial or business relationship He's a fierce loyalist and tonedeaf to criticism His moral compass seems myopic and if he's got any true friends to guide him we never learn whom they might be The only vindication is that literally every other competitive cyclist of the past 20 years was likely doping Armstrong seems to have just been the best at doping which is as others have noted his overwhelming competitive strength his ambition and drive to conuer is comparable to most other champions in the sporting world He seems like he has an enviable iron will for almost anything other than humility